2003 Wheelmen National Convention

Elgin, Illinois, July 9th - 13th, 2003

Fox River Trail
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Wheelmen Benevolent Operative, W.B.O. or "Why Be Ordinary"

The Illinois Wheelmen, with help from the Wisconsin Wheelmen would like to welcome all to attend the National Wheelmen convention in Elgin Illinois.

Judson College in Elgin has been selected as our host. The Judson campus has easy highway access (Route 90 and 31, about 40 miles northwest of Chicago), adjacent to miles and miles of tree lined bicycle trails, lovely campus, open cafeteria with banquet facilities, space for games and races, pleasant dorms, adjacent motel for those inclined, plenty of near by sights, along the beautiful flowing Fox river offering miles of lovely varied scenery winding through many historic towns. OHTW will be to the Fox River Trolley Museum. All rides will be based from the campus, so park your car and forget it. The Judson College is a non-smoking and non-drinking campus, so for those inclined there are hotels located very close.

What is the "Wheelmen Benevolent Operative?" The theme of the 2003 convention is to highlight the high wheel safeties and Illinois made bicycles. So W.B.O. or "Why Be Ordinary" is to encourage members to bring out that wonderful sprung-chained-levered-geared-cycles. You know who you are, you searched, hunted, traveled, saved, (failed to mention that home equity loan to your significant other), bought, repaired, retired, re leathered, rolled it into the street, mounted, tried again (some how got on), went to the end of the block, dismounted, or at least somehow got off, your first words "boy is this going to look great in the living room". Time to dust and oil and bring that XtraStaRooKingFieldFacilEagleSafety thing to the 2003 convention. In addition Illinois was the home of many bicycle manufactures. So plan a home coming party for your G&J, Western Wheel, or any of the other hundred makes that came from the Land of Lincoln. Judson's sport team are the "Judson Eagles", what more reason is there to bring your favorite bird of prey.

For more information please check again or contact Carey Williams, 773-523-5906 Wasp3245@aol.com

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Proposed Schedule

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
5:00-9:00 pmEarly Check-in
Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
9:00 amOptional Morning Ride 20-30 miles
1:00 pmTrick Riding Lessons
2:30 pmLadies Victorian Tea
8:00 pmCentury Meeting
Thursday, July 10th, 2003
5:30 amCentury
Sunrise at 5:24
10:00 amMetric Century
8:00 pmExecutive Meeting
Friday, July 11th, 2003
7:00-10:00 amFlea Market
9:00 amAuction
10:30 amGeneral Business Meeting
1:00-4:00 pmGames and Races
6:30 pm
  1. Ladies Workshop
  2. Bicycle Patent Project
8:30 pmMatch Lite Ride
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
9:00 amPhoto Shoot
10:00 amOHWT to Trolley Museum in S. Elgin
12:00 pmBox Lunch at Trolley Museum
2:30 pmTrick Riding Contest & Demonstrations in parking lot south of Prarie Rock Brewing Co., 127 South Grove St., Elgin
6:30 pmBanquet
7:00 pmCostume & Uniform Contest
9:00 pmAnnouncements, Certificates
Sunday, July 13th, 2003
9:00 amChurch Service
10:00 amCheck Out
10:30 amDrive to Milwaukee (2 hr.)
12:00 pmPICNIC at Milwaukee Parade
1:00 pmCircus Parade

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The 2003 Century

Judson College Campus

Pictures Around Elgin

Major Taylor's Grave Site

Contact Illinois State Captain about the convention: Carey Williams, 773-523-5906 Wasp3245@aol.com

Link to The Wheelmen http://www.wheelmen.org/

Please note, Linder Center (Option B) rooms are now full

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